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The Solomon Succession Course

Business and Ministry - A Fallacy or a Fact?

You cannot avoid the talk of money when it comes to ministry. This apostolic type is set to shake and change the world as we know it. With a passion for the Lord, he also has been given a pattern for finances. It takes a lot more than good business acumen to lay a business foundation in the church - it takes wisdom and a calling.

The Solomon apostle is given a unique pattern for the handling and generation of finances that goes beyond the wisdom of the world. Not only is he called to train and raise up God's people in this era, but he is also called to bring the glory cloud down on the church.

If it burns in your heart to bring prosperity and power and put it in the hands of God's people, then you will find that thirst quenched in this course.

Solomon Succession Course Lessons:
Solomon Succession Lesson 1:

Identifying Your Calling as a Solomon Apostle

Just like his other counterparts, this apostle has been taken through seasons of preparation. There is a reason you are different and do not seem to be "in" with everyone else. God has set you apart for a purpose.
Solomon Succession Lesson 2:

Apostolic Confrontation

Solomon was a nice guy. He liked to bring peace, but yet the first thing he was called to do was to pick up the sword. Discover this in your own walk and discover that the sword is indeed sharp and double-edged!
Solomon Succession Lesson 3:Apostolic Wisdom - Where is Comes From and How to Get it

It takes more than having knowledge to get the kind of revelation this apostolic type is called to get. It means receiving the kind of miraculous wisdom that Solomon had to bring the church to glory. Your ministry will not get off the ground without this wisdom. Learn what it is and how to get it.

Solomon Succession Lesson 4:

Finances in the Church - Solomon on Business and Ministry

Getting down to the nitty gritty, discover what makes this apostolic type different to the others. There is a sore lack of teaching on business in the church. This lesson will challenge you, but also arm you with knowledge on this subject.
Solomon Succession Lesson 5:

Bringing the Glory Back to the Church

Solomon is not just a "wise guy" but he is also called to bring the glory cloud. It is time that the church experiences the tangible presence of the anointing and you as an Apostle are meant to be bringing it.
Solomon Succession Lesson 6:

How Solomon will Displace the Old with the New

Although David started out by displacing the system, Solomon established it. Not only did he build many cities, but he also built the temple. The Lord is calling His church to a new reality of who He is.

He is also calling us to live according to the pattern He has set in place. The Solomon Apostle not only receives this pattern, but implements it, leaving a inheritance for future generations.

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