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The Moses Mandate Course

Your Apostolic Training is About to Begin!

If everyone understood the intensity of the apostolic call, there would not be the same eagerness to wear the title. The first step towards your call is a season in obscurity. As devastating as it was for Moses to know his purpose but to know he could do nothing, so does the apostle find himself in this same dilemma.

However God is gracious and does not give His call without preparing you for it. Consider this first course of this module a time to get "down to business." The teachings and the anointing in these lessons will begin to shape you into the apostle that God has called you to be.

The anointing will release the Holy Spirit into your life to conform you to the image of Christ. By the time you have completed your last lesson, you would have pieced together all the roads you have walked and received a firm conviction of your call.

In addition to that, you will begin to understand the mandate God has given to you. To embrace the pressures that come with rigorous apostolic training and get ready to be put through your paces.

This course will not only impart the knowledge you need to become an apostle, but will release the anointing to train you to become that apostle.

Moses Mandate Course Lessons:
Moses Mandate Lesson 1:

What the Moses Apostle is called to do

What sets this apostolic type apart? Called from within the system this Apostle is called to change the church from within. However this is just the start. The goal is to lead God's children to the Promised Land.
Moses Mandate Lesson 2:

Climbing the Mountain - Your Apostolic Experience

Receiving a confirmation of your call is not enough. Until you have "climbed the mountain" into the presence of God, you will never receive your mandate. Your apostolic training is not complete without this vital phase.
Moses Mandate Lesson 3:

Training - Confronting the System

Every Apostle wants to change the church, but only when you do things God's way can you expect to see change. In this phase of your training you will learn the power of confrontation to overcome the status quo system in the church.

Moses Mandate Lesson 4:

Training - Resurrection of a Vision

You will learn that the training of this apostolic type happens "on the move." Once you have the "left the wilderness" there is no time to sit back and relax. It is time for your visions to come back to life. The first steps you need to take are covered in this teaching.
Moses Mandate Lesson 5:

Displacing the System Correctly

Confronting the system and displacing it are not the same thing. Learn how to handle people effectively and know what is involved in changing God's people and His church, to conform them into His image.
Moses Mandate Lesson 6:

Surviving the Wilderness

The object of this course is to get you moving forward into your apostolic training and onto office. What you need to remember is that you are not the only one who was stuck in the wilderness... the people of God are too! Now that you have been set free, it is time to go and lead God's people into victory.

Moses Mandate Lesson 7:

Handing Over to Joshua - The phases of your training

A comprehensive look at the training you have faced so far. The climax of your call is to hand over to Joshua and to start again. Are you up for the challenge? God is calling you to lead His people to victory, but also to have the courage to step aside and train His leaders as well.

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