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The Joshua Juncture Course

The Apostle that is set to Bring Revival to the Church

With more of an evangelistic orientation, this apostolic type is not to be messed around with. Joshua is a good picture of the mentored apostle, but this does not distract from the mandate that he is given from the Lord. It is one thing to look at a leader and say, "I can do it better" and another to get out there and "do the stuff."

If ever you said to yourself, "If I was given the chance to lead, I would do it like this... " then I can only say: Brace yourself!

This course will do just that. It will challenge you and call you to action. It will dig deep into your heart and then expect you to step out and lead. Become a leader that others will admire, pass the tests and move on towards office.

Joshua Juncture Course Lessons:
Joshua Juncture Lesson 1:

Your life as a Joshua Apostle

Identify this type and you will see what it is going to take to bring revival to the church. David might displace the system, but it is going to take some revival to bring the kind of conviction that leads to real change.

There is a reason your training has been so intense. To who much is given... much is also required.

Joshua Juncture Lesson 2:

The Apostle that "Takes the Land"

This course is all about action. It is time to move from knowing the principles and onto doing them practically. You can be a leader, but do you know what the people need? Do you know what it will take to make them follow you? Become the kind of leader that has others behind you as you take the land.
Joshua Juncture Lesson 3:

What God Does to Train you for This Call

Tick off each step of your training. The apostle will go through all four trainings to reach office, but in the end you will tend to lean to one at a time. However be open for change and discover exactly how far you are in your training.

Joshua Juncture Lesson 4:

The Tests you Will Face

Once you can identify the training you are going through, you will be equipped to move forward again. It can take years sometimes for you to "get it" when God is trying to impart something new to you. Consider this lesson a short cut to get you to your goal quicker.
Joshua Juncture Lesson 5:

Bringing Revival to the Church

Practical and powerful. This course takes your eyes off yourself and onto why you were called in the first place... to bring revival! Walk in the power God has called you to walk in as an apostle.

Joshua Juncture Course Reviews: