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Fivefold Ministry Apostolic Course

The Apostle is Meant to Function in ALL of the Fivefold Ministries.

A first good step though is to know what each of the Fivefold Ministries look like!

You will be amazed that just after a few lessons how you will be able to pick out the callings of others (that is even before getting spiritual revelation!)

Did you know each of the Fivefold Ministries have CLEAR signs?

Before you even get prophetic revelation...

  • You can identify a person's calling by what burns in them.
  • You can take the mystery out of trying to assess a person's call.
  • You can be bold and confident when telling others what their call is.
  • You can learn to do this simply and QUICKLY!
  • You CAN and SHOULD function in all of the Fivefold Ministries.

Not only do we lay out the very clear signs of each of the Fivefold, but we lay out their purpose as well. By the end of this course, you will be equipped to identify and raise up others in their calling.

The Apostles in this school are not wannabe's. With challenges and well rounded teachings, only those with a real calling follow through. Here Apostolic Leaders flourish. This course is the first step in establishing you as an Apostolic Leader and putting you in a position where others seek out your wisdom.

Get started with your Apostolic Ministry from lesson 1 of this course


Pattern for Fivefold Ministry


Fivefold Ministry Course Lessons:

Fivefold Ministry Lesson 1:

The Local V.s Universal Church

When you understand the concept of local and universal church. the fivefold ministry fall into place very easily. Understand that there is both a ministry and an office function for each of the fivefold.

This foundational message will never leave you lacking for knowledge and wisdom regarding the fivefold again.

Fivefold Ministry Lesson 2:

The Pattern for the Evangelist

Primarily known as a "soul winner" you will discover truths about the Evangelist in this message that will revamp the way you consider this fivefold ministry. Not only is the evangelist meant to be functioning with all of the fivefold, but he is also meant to be ministering to the church. It is time for the Lord's evangelists to rise up to a greater level of apostolic power!

Identify the true role of the evangelist in the truth and learn to put them in place.

Fivefold Ministry Lesson 3:

The Pattern for the Pastor

The pastoral function within the fivefold has two primary functions. Firstly it is the only of the Fivefold ministry that has both an administrative as well as a spiritual placement. The Pastor as the leader of a congregation is widely known, but not as much is known of their spiritual responsibility and how he functions with all of the fivefold. Discover also that the Pastor also has a place in the Universal (international) church.
Fivefold Ministry Lesson 4:

The Pattern for the Teacher

Without the teacher, the rest of the fivefold ministry is left lacking. With a mission to lay a firm foundation in the church his training is the longest and gathers the most experience. Discover that a teacher can adapt some of the other fivefold ministries and that there is such a thing as an "Evangelistic" or "Prophetic Teacher" Discover their differences and so embrace a wider understanding of this ministry.
Fivefold Ministry Lesson 5:

The Pattern for the Prophet

Prophets are often labled as loners, but you will learn where the prophet fits and where he flourishes best. Not only will this lesson help you identify someone's prophetic call, but it will give you the practical tools you need to help them find their place in the church.
Fivefold Ministry Lesson 6:

The Pattern for the Apostle

Not to be taken lightly, this message will challenge you as a leader. There is a reason that the apostolic call is the highest of all the fivefold. Not only does it come with a greater responsibility, but it also comes at a greater price.

Discover the role of someone called to such an office and also how to identify a fledgling apostle that is still finding his wings.

Fivefold Ministry Lesson 7:

How the Apostle Brings Them All Together

The apostle is responsible for bringing all of the fivefold ministry together. This is in fact, one of the main reasons why the Apostle goes through each of the fivefold ministries to some degree during his training. Having understood each one, he qualifies to bring them together and put the pattern in place. Find your place in the pattern, then discover your purpose and then... fulfill it!

Fivefold Ministry Apostolic Course Course Reviews:

I really enjoyed this course, it gave me much insight and wisdom and it really brought me to the place of wanting to intercede so that the 5 fold can rise up and take their place. Thank you for a great course! I really lived it and ate with gladness

J. Botha, South Africa

Obtaining an understanding of the specific signs and patterns of an apostolic calling was invaluable. I have read many books, listened to tapes and attended numerous conferences on the apostolic. Some of them gave information about signs of the apostolic calling but none of them covered the subject extensively

D Washington, USA

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