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Pattern for the Church Course

The Apostle is Meant to be Laying a New Foundation

Your guide to discovering the pattern for the house that God has called you to build.

Although Peter and Paul were each sent to different believers, they both followed the same pattern. This New Testament pattern still applies today and as an Apostle, it is the starting point to fulfilling your mandate.

You might have a vision or a passion, but without a pattern, you will not have a direction for that passion. This course will not only set you straight, but with its clearly practical guidelines, you will be applying transforming principles to your ministry.

God's Has a Plan for His Church

Do you know what it is and how to implement it?

  • Learn the pattern for discipling correctly
  • Get a bird's eye view on what the church should look like right now
  • Gain powerful knowledge on the correct use of finances in the church
  • Learn to integrate families effectively into your ministry
  • The secret to effective and lasting church growth

Review the course listing below and identify what the Lord is saying to you right now. If you feel that you have an apostolic call, then this course will either give you the tools you need to fulfill it or it will confirm that you are not ready to fulfill an apostolic call.


Pattern for Fivefold Ministry


Fivefold Ministry Course Lessons:

Pattern for the Church Lesson 1:

What the Church Should Look Like.

It is easy to see what is wrong in the church, but what use is it identifying the wrongs, if you do not have the correct picture to begin implementing? Get a good idea of what the church should look like and fully come to grasp the fullness of what God has called you to do.

Pattern for the Church Lesson 2:

Apostolic Discipleship

We know that every believer is called to "Disciple all men" however when it comes to your apostolic calling, things go up a notch. Know who you should be discipling and the clear discipleship steps to follow in the process.

Pattern for the Church Lesson 3:

The Pattern for Meetings

There is a lot more to church than the public meeting. Discover a plethora of other meetings that will keep your flock engaged and your ministry growing in leaps and bounds.
Pattern for the Church Lesson 4:

The Correct use of Finances in the Church

Money and ministry are much like oil and water - they just do not mix. However in these end times God is bringing this subject up and raising up those who are ready to brave the waters of finances in the church. Discover the pattern and bring balance to this powerful, but often controversial subject.
Pattern for the Church Lesson 5:

The Pattern for Families in the Church

The Lord is calling family teams in today's church. Gone are the days when the Pastor took the pulpit and no one knew his wife's name. Not only is the Lord calling couples to ministry, but entire family teams are being called to step forward. Discover their place and what it will take to raise up such a team.
Pattern for the Church Lesson 6:

Understanding Concepts of the Local Church

Until the "penny drops" that there is a vast difference between the local and universal church, you will struggle to implement your apostolic calling. Come to understand what the local church is and how you can make it flourish.

Pattern for the Church Lesson 7:

How to Grow Your Ministry

God wants your ministry to flourish! The key is to doing it according to His pattern. When you do it this way, not only can you guarantee growth, but you can know that it will remain.
Pattern for the Church Lesson 8:

Training According to a Biblical Standard

As an Apostle, God will require you to train up your team. Until the "man of God" is trained in righteousness, he will not be fully equipped to fulfill the work God has given him. You are called to train up God's people. Know how and what you need to do to fulfill this aspect of your call.
Pattern for the Church Lesson 9:

Apostolic Leadership - God's Pattern

There are many leaders in the church today, but not are all leaders according to God's own heart. A major step towards fulfilling your purpose as an Apostle is to be the kind of leader that God requires you to be. This is a very practical course that will lay it out clearly and give you a goal to aim towards.

Fivefold Ministry Apostolic Course Course Reviews:

I really enjoyed this course, it gave me much insight and wisdom and it really brought me to the place of wanting to intercede so that the 5 fold can rise up and take their place. Thank you for a great course! I really lived it and ate with gladness

J. Botha, South Africa

Obtaining an understanding of the specific signs and patterns of an apostolic calling was invaluable. I have read many books, listened to tapes and attended numerous conferences on the apostolic. Some of them gave information about signs of the apostolic calling but none of them covered the subject extensively

D Washington, USA

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