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For those with an Apostolic call, we know the price that you have paid to reach the level that you have. Having walked down this same road, we also know that if God led you here, that He is well able to provide for these studies as well.

As you invest into your calling, known that all the fees you pay are invested right back into the work of God. Not only do these fees support the families in the work of the ministry, but they mean that we are able to reach the church with the vital message that God has started an Apostolic Move!

With each course you register for, not only are you establishing your own ministry, but you are contributing to a move that is changing the church of God Universally. Welcome aboard and we look forward to taking this land together!

- Craig and Colette Toach
Apostles and Spiritual Parents
Apostolic Movement International

STEP 1: Student Registration

NOTE: Registration fee is waived for any existing student of the AMI Training College or the AMI Prophetic School.

For new students, we charge a $50.00 registration fee which will include a free Study Orientation CourseVideo

Once we receive your application we will create a student record for you and give you immediate access to the student lounge which you can find at (or click the link on the top right that reads STUDENT LOGIN)

Here you will be able to fellowship with other students and also contact the lecturers

As courses become available you may enroll in them in any order you desire. Study kits for each course may be purchased from

To register, you will be required to pay this fee along with the cost of your first course. This will bring your initial registration to:

$50 Registration

$145 The Apostolic Ministry Course

Initial Total: $195 (This price does not include materials)

STEP 2: Student Study Kits and Materials

You have two options regardint your materials:

The Cheaper Alternative: You can purchase the corresponding book or e-book for your course available at

"Get the Most out of Your Studies" Alternative: You can purchase the full course kit for each course.

Each attractively assembled study kit contains the printed projects as well as many bonus materials and projects related to that subject. In addition to that they include the MP3 lecture CD of the course, the FREE E-book for the Text Book that the course is based on. You will also receive all Text Book audios in MP3 format.

Study kits for each course may be purchased by students only from


You must be an enrolled student in one of the colleges in order to purchase these.

Make sure that the email address you use to create an account on AMI Bookshop is the same as the email you used to enroll as a student in our colleges. Then the Kits will appear in the pages of AMI Bookshop. Otherwise you will not see them to order them.

STEP 3: Apostolic School Course Costs

(Please note that our courses are NOT FREE.We do provide alternative mini courses, which you can receive by putting your e-mail address in the box to the right)

Each course carries its own price depending on how long it is and how much information is given. Course prices vary from $145 per course for Module 1 to $210 per course for module 2. Please note that this does not include the purchase of study kits, books and other materials

You will be required to pay for each course up front before commencing studies.

So unless you are in a position to pay for your courses and purchase your study materials, we suggest you do not apply to become a student.

This is a ministry, but it is also a business as are all colleges, and we cannot function without the necessary income. If you desire FREE Courses or other materials, you may find plenty on the various websites of Apostolic Movement International.

Costs of Individual Courses

Costs of the following courses are based on the assessed time it will take us to complete the lectures. However, once we get moving we might find that prices were assessed incorrectly and they could be changed.

However once a student has purchased a course, they will not be liable for any changes made to the price.

Costs include FREE ACCESS to any online videos on the subject, but do not include the costs of Prophetic Books and other study materials.

Access to AMI Books

Students in AMI Training College ( are given full access to all our books online as part of their monthly student commitment.

This option is NOT automatically available to students in the Prophetic School unless they pay for a complete module in advance.

Module 1

  1. The Way of Dreams and Visions - $145
  2. Power Packed Prayer - $145
  3. Practical Prophetic Ministry - $145
  4. The Prophetic Foundation - $145

Total Cost of Module 1- $580.00

PLEASE NOTE: Students may only move on to the second module once they have completed the first.

Module 2

  1. Prophetic Operations -$210
  2. Prophetic Warfare -$210
  3. Prophetic Training -$210
  4. Prophetic Office -$210

Total Cost of Module 2 - $840

For a personal quote of all fees and materials, please get hold of us by sending a feed back or giving us a call at: 760 466 7679 (8am - 5pm California Time)