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The Apostolic Essentials Course

The course that will lay a comprehensive foundation for your Apostolic Call.

Here is a reality that will either make you want to read more, or to leave and go and find a training system that makes things a little "easier" for you:

You are called to a life of CHANGE!

Many think that to fulfill an Apostolic Call requires a "laying on of hands" experience and a certificate. The impression is that the apostolic office is just laid upon a person.

Nothing could be further from the truth. An Apostle does not gain his office through merit or hard study. He has nothing added to him. Instead you will learn that the apostle is forged by the very hand of God. He does not add apostolic office to himself... rather he is shaped into that image.

This shaping process is trying and it is one of the main reasons why not just anyone is called to this level of call. To whom much is given, much is also required and the phrase "freely you have received, freely give" has no place in this calling.

This call is not free. It was not free for Jesus. He had to shed all of His blood for us. The Apostle is called to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and to lay down his life for the church.

  • To rise up into something you never did before
  • To be a person you were not before
  • To accomplish a mandate you never had before.

The previous three courses anyone that is in charge of a ministry and with an apostolic orientation will glean a lot from. This course is NOT in that category. This course is for those with a true apostolic call and who are prepared to follow through and pay the price for it.

Such an Apostle has already paid a lot for the call and knows the value of it. It is only when we pay the price and go through the training that we can appreciate the good things that God has done in us. Join me as I begin laying a foundation in your heart, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, shaping you into His Apostle.

Prophetic Foundation Course Lessons:
Apostolic Foundation Lesson 1:

Clear Signs that Prove Your Apostolic Call

The Lord set you apart before you were born and since then has been shaping you for this call on your life. The question is... are you ready to take it up? Not only will this lesson tick off the clear signs that identify you as an Apostle, but it will challenge you to "Get on the Bus" and ride this calling to its conclusion.
Apostolic Foundation Lesson 2:

The Function of the Apostle in Today's Church

Finding Your Garden as an Apostle - Knowing you have an apostolic call is not good enough. You need to discover the fullness of the vision God has given you and how to begin implementing it. This lesson will help you identify the "garden" that God has called you to and what to do to make it flourish.
Apostolic Foundation Lesson 3:

The Price the Apostle Pays

A lesson that will separate the tares from the wheat. Only one with a true apostolic call is willing to pay the price. Although that price is often overwhelming, God's Apostle is like Peter who said to the Lord, "Lord, where shall we go? You have the Words of eternal life."

In the same way, the Apostle knows he has a choice to take the way out of the temptation, yet in his heart knows that there is no real choice, because doing what Jesus has called him to do defines who he is.

Apostolic Foundation Lesson 4:

Apostolic Preparation - Navigating Your Way Through

When you do not realize that there are clear phases of preparation and training for your call, you can become confused and disillusioned with your calling. Since Jesus came to earth, He has been training His apostles according to a clear pattern. Discover this pattern for yourself and with that knowledge rise up into the office you are called to.
Apostolic Foundation Lesson 5:

The Concept of Being an Apostolic Father

Apostolic fatherhood is not the same as spiritual parenting. In fact it is not gender based at all. Rather it is a function of the apostle that is vital to the survival of the church. Not many are willing to take up this responsibility because of the cost. However those that are willing to pay the price are those whose fruit will remain for generations to come.
Apostolic Foundation Lesson 7:

Apostolic Re-parenting

The re-parenting process is one the Lord has been bringing into focus over the last few years. The greatest hindrance to any believer is the incorrect foundations laid in their hearts. There is an insatiable hunger in the Church right now for spiritual mothers and fathers who will embrace them and show them a better way. It is time to embrace the challenge!

Apostolic Foundation Lesson 8:

Identifying the Apostolic Types

Not all apostles are the same. As the Lord reveals His mandate for your call, you will find that it will fit into one of the Apostolic Types. You will suddenly discover that God has been gearing you for a very specific purpose all along.

Not every apostle is called to reach those within the church system. Not all Apostles are called to just teach. However all have one in common - they are called to build the church and together they will each build a different aspect of it. Identify your part and fulfill it.

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